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Don't Fall For Small Franchise Tricks! We are a completely outfitted operation with an entire fleet of vehicles.

When you need to remove junk, trash and clutter, call Malibu's professional and fast junk hauling and recycling team. We are local and we have a wide variety of vehicles that makes it easy to get you same day service regardless of the size of the removal job. Like yourself, we are concerned about the effects of waste or unused items in the environmnet and will dispose of and recycle your unwanted items properly.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Junk Hauling

Our junk team stands ready to handle the toughest, oddest junk removal projects, or just clean out your garage or side yard. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we can do it. We are clean up masters at your finger tips! We are full-service, doing all the sorting, recycling, and disposal for you. We provide service to commercial and residential clients in Malibu, California, and we are the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to clear your clutter.

Your Privacy

We are very aware of the sensitive nature most of our customers have about guarding your private life from the public eye. We take steps not only online with our privacy policy, but also offline when we come to your home or business. We appreciate your trust and thank you for choosing for your Malibu Junk Removal.

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Safely Removing and Recycling Junk in West Los Angeles

Malibu Recycler and Junk Removal

From a garage cleanout to heavy construction debris, our professional junk hauling team stands ready to handle any size job. Everything from old furnishings to used lumber and other trash from a remodel project, appliances to computer monitors and other eWaste... whatever you have that needs to be hauled away, regardless of size or complexity. Simply call and tell us what you want removed. We are a full-service junk hauling team. We do all the sorting, recycling and disposal for you. We are the quickest and cheapest, providing junk removal service to residential and commercial clients in Malibu, California and Los Angeles' westside.

Our cleanup crew will take on any size and any type of cleanup project. We have the ability to cleanup and haul away virtualy anything and in most cases, we are less expensive than a rental trash container. Call for free quote and know up front how much it will cost. Our expert crew will remove, dispose and cleanup all types of waste. Our courteous and professional junk hauling team will arrive at your location, and even leave the place broom swept for you!

Support Your Local Junk Hauling Team

The bigger the pile, The bigger the smile!

What We Haul Away

We are LOCAL which means we live and work in the neighborhood including Pacific Palasades, Malibu, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Palms, Culver City, Santa Monica, Mandeville Canyon and all areas of Los Angeles' westside. What makes unique is becasue our big truck holds 65 cubic yards of junk! Nobody else in the area has a truck that big! It's 20 feet long, 11.5 high! We are talking HUGE! We can do real estate clean up, foreclose clean up, hillside cleaning, furniture removal, appliance, removal, plant removal, carpet tear out - you name it, we can do it! and we're not afraid to get our hands dirty ...

We can and will haul away almost anything! Bulky items, old furniture, appliances, yard waste, household garbage, junk, exercise equipment, trash, old carpet, clutter, green waste, brush, grass, tree trimmings, weeds, branches, lawn sod, wood sand, asphalt, bricks, concrete, dirt, stucco, drywall, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, cinder blocks, tile, stone, gravel, construction debris, flooring, cardboard, roofing, steel, plaster, acoustic ceiling tiles, water heaters, rubbish, demolition waste, hot tubs, car parts, old wiring, car batteries, play grounds, patios, sheds, decks, fencing, batteries, microwaves, tires, household hazardous waste, electronics (e-Waste), Refrigerators, flourescent lamps, paint, aerosol chemicals, monitors, televisions, computers, used oils, fertilizers, pesticides, insulation - almost anything! Our junk hauling team will do complete removal, disposal and cleanup making your home or business clean and safe. That's what makes Malibu Junk Removal your "go to" team to get the job done right, the first time.